Ease Development with Yocto

YoctoThe Yocto Project — a collaboration among hardware manufacturers, open-source operating systems vendors and electronics companies — helps standardize embedded Linux development. Yocto provides templates, tools and methods to help create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products regardless of hardware architecture.

Benefits of Yocto

It makes builds repeatable and automated, which simplifies the process of updating software versions or adding essential security fixes. And Yocto helps increase productivity of your development team by delivering a stable, consistent, regularly updated Linux distribution for your embedded application.

While Yocto is a tremendous development resource, the fact that it is open source and vendor neutral means there is no centralized support. That's where ICS can help.

Our engineering team has extensive experience in Yocto. We're familiar with the quirks, common pitfalls and known issues with the tools, and can help you quickly get a custom Yocto-based Linux distribution up and running on your embedded platform.

Here's how we can help:

  • Modify or create new bitbake "recipes" for your platform, including, if desired, a version of the Qt Framework configured optimally for your platform.
  • Document best practices for setting up your IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to use the Yocto-generated SDK (Software Development Kit) so you can cross-compile, deploy, run and debug code on your target system.
  • Provide kernel drivers and third-party libraries specific to your platform and application.
  • Document the build process so your own engineers can take over and easily add security enhancements or software updates.

Let ICS help you avoid frustrating delays resolving build issues by optimizing your Yocto configuration. Get in touch to learn more.