Desktop Application Creation with Qt 6

Hands-on Virtual Training

November 8 - 12

Not ready to travel yet? We've made another one of our popular training courses available virtually! This hands-on training is an in-depth introduction to Qt programming, primarily focusing on using Qt Widgets and the associated development tools (Qt Creator and friends). Students will experience the challenges of cross-platform development with daily exercises that will have them writing their own cross-platform application.

The course runs from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm EDT each day and will be live online from 10:00 - 3:00, followed by a lab assignment and open Q&A session. Recorded sessions will be available on-demand, but since the labs build upon themselves it’s recommended you attend the live sessions as much as possible. 


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Learning Objectives

  • Develop a Cross platform desktop application using QtCreator, Qt 6 and CMake
  • Learn about QSettings and how to use settings within your application
  • Learn how to set up CMake to do all the heavy deployment and configuration work
  • Learn about Qt’s Widgets
  • Learn about Qt’s i18n
  • Learn about Unit Testing 
  • Understand application deployment for Linux, Window and Mac OS


  • Working knowledge of C++ programming
  • Basic knowledge of GUI programming
  • Previous Qt experience is not required

Hardware Requirements

You will need a laptop with the following:

  • Qt version 6.x -
  • IDE (visual studio 2005 or greater, Eclipse, xcode, or QtCreator).
  • Compilers (mingw, visual studio, or apple c++ compilers)


Day 1 — Fundamentals of Qt

Day 2 Settings and Events, Customizing Dialogs

Day 3 — i18n basics, Command line arguments

Day 4 — Toolbars, Status

Day 5 — Polish & Deployment

Virtual Training Registration

Please fill out the form below and select the course date you would like to attend and we will be in touch regarding payment. Cost: $1,995.