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A global restaurant-equipment manufacturer wanted to modernize the touchscreen interfaces on its state-of-the-art coffee dispensers.

The coffee dispensers are used in hotel lobbies, self-serve restaurants, company break rooms and vending machines worldwide so a streamlined design is essential.


Create three different intuitive touchscreen user interfaces (UI) for its portfolio of coffee dispensers; and internationalize the UIs to support five languages, including Chinese and Japanese.


6 weeks


  • Visual design
  • Iconography
  • Animations
  • Pattern library


  • Early conceptualization
  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Developer support

We created an elegant, minimalist design built on a repeatable pattern library, a move that allowed us to tackle such a complex problem in an accelerated time frame.


The coffee dispensers' on-demand interfaces had to be easy to navigate, on brand, and aesthetically pleasing. We incorporated attractive custom animations to instruct users through each phase of the brewing process, ensuring they were rewarded with a great cup of coffee.

We provided a streamlined package of digital content so the development team, working in Qt to build a robust and sustainable platform, could quickly find appropriate assets.


ICS addressed the need for internationalization by implementing a localization framework. The UX team then created a well-organized, easy-to-follow pattern library. Together, these elements allowed us to support the five requested languages, as well as enable the manufacturer to easily add others in the future as its business evolves.

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