Medical Devices

Setra Systems Inc. looked to ICS for help bringing an innovative indoor environmental control monitoring solution called Setra FLEX™ to life.

Setra envisioned Setra FLEX, a flexible room environment control and monitoring solution for use in hospital operating rooms, burn units, clean rooms and other areas where regulating the indoor environment is crucial, as well-engineered, intuitive and easy to navigate.


Setra asked ICS to design a user interface (UI) that could be used without prior training by both medical professionals and the operations personnel charged with monitoring the system.


28 weeks


  • Information architecture
  • Interactive prototype
  • Gesture interaction spec
  • Development-ready assets
  • Iconography
  • Visual screen comps
  • Visual style/layout specs


  • Personas
  • User research
  • Participatory & facilitated design

ICS carefully designed the UI so critical status information could be easily read from a distance and detailed data up close.


To ensure Setra FLEX would fill a real need and be embraced by the target audience, ICS’ UX team analyzed Voice-of-the-Customer data and created personas. This provided the research-backed context on which to build an effective design.

Setra FLEX received overwhelmingly positive customer feedback during beta and the company is busy establishing its new device as a top-seller in the market.


The UX team learned about how Setra’s customers would likely use the device, as well as the goals that drive user behavior and decision making. With an eye on purposeful visual design, ICS utilized techniques to quickly communicate meaning and best present complex data.

ICS designed intuitive navigation featuring a large condition banner and an array of parameters that can be shifted laterally by touch to reveal additional readings. Emphasizing functionality and legibility, ICS incorporated the ability to view and analyze data from multiple rooms connected to the system. The design also incorporated creative use of gestures, such as swiping, to make it easy for users to navigate quickly.

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