User Experience First

It all has to start with the users and their experience using a product. We believe building a great product that will captivate your users starts with building an engaging experience. A great design begins with knowing who is using a product, when and where they are using it, and what their goals are. The user experience is well thought out and designed, not an afterthought from developing the functionality.

It Has to Be Implemented

There is a time in the design process where we can all pretend things are magic and anything is possible, but eventually a product has to be created and shipped. Our team is aware of the capabilities of modern GUI toolkits, from Qt and QML to HTML and CSS. Knowing where the walls of the sandbox are and what the limitations of technology are, helps us make informed design decisions that allow for well designed products to be shipped on schedule.

Evolutionary or Revolutionary

A business may want to push the envelope to make a revolutionary product, or stay with what works and make evolutionary changes to an existing product. Learning what the business goals of a product are also enable us to make the right design choices that satisfy all the needs of our clients.