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LenelS2 teamed with ICS to create industry's most capable video surveillance system, Magic Monitor®.

LenelS2, the leader in IP-based access control, video management and mobile security management systems, wanted to create an innovative video security solution that could display security, safety and informational content on multiple screens — up to 64 live feeds in various formats — in real time.


With a clear vision for their groundbreaking cross-platform solution, LenelS2 needed to create a user experience (UX) that was intuitive and functional while also sophisticated.


16 weeks


  • Information architecture
  • Interactive prototype
  • Visual screen comps
  • Iconography
  • Development-ready assets
  • Visual style/layout specs


  • User research
  • Personas
  • Participatory & facilitated design

When developing the visual design, ICS focused on conveying a solid look and feel worthy of such an innovative system.

The design features darker-toned background elements to push the video streams, and color indicators in the foreground to help users quickly view or scan workflow goals, where time is critical.

We ensured a high degree of readability for the system's informational features, including dynamic content widgets for time-zone clocks, weather, traffic, news-scroll ticker and RSS feeds.


The UX team created custom layouts for the visual content display. By implementing an innovative drag and drop paradigm, users can easily tailor security footage layouts on the stream canvas. Instead of having to carousel through unwanted streams, users can quickly assign streams to any cell pattern of their choosing.

They also can review previously captured video, and take advantage of mapping capabilities that pinpoint where all security cameras in a given system are located. For maximum flexibility, the UX allows users to view information as needed, from general to granular, thanks to color-coded capture blocks that signify motion.

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