Delivering your project is important. Delivering a product or application that works and people want to use is essential. It's also good business. Leading with User Experience (UX) can help you build a leading product. The real value of UX is when it is applied upfront to guide the development process and deliver what matters - to the customer.

ICS provides custom software development and UX design for leading companies worldwide. We blend the art of visual design and agile engineering to help our clients develop successful products. The following is a list of the core services and skills that the ICS User Experience Design team can provide to your organization.

Market Research
Task Analysis
Workflow Analysis
Requirements Documentation
Use Cases

User Research
User Personas
Information Architecture
Written Specifications
Interaction Design

Heuristic Analysis
Field Research
Focus Groups
User Testing (Pre-Dev)
User Testing (Post-Dev)

Concept Ideation
Brand Identity
Icon Design
Logo Design
Animation & 3D
Video Editing