Accelerate Time to Market by Pipelining UX with Development

Accelerate Time to Market by Pipelining UX with Development

Pipelining is a rapid design and development process for creating high-quality software. Taking a pipelining approach ensures a commitment to the user experience (UX), which speeds development. According to Strategic Data Consulting, UX investments made early on decrease time to market by as much as 30%. 

In this two-part webinar series we’ll share real-world success stories highlighting projects we’ve designed and built using a pipelining approach, as well as show you what it means to integrate pipelining into your own product development process. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The Why, What and Who of User Experience Design 
  • What it means to ‘pipeline’ development with UX design 
  • How a pipelining approach gets to you market faster 
  • Evolution of the pipelining approach 
  • Best practices for making this approach work in an Agile environment 
  • How to champion UX design within your organization 
  • What is Pipelining? 

The term “pipelining” comes from computer architecture, where it describes a method for executing multiple instruction sequences synchronously to maximize throughput. Similarly, pipelining software projects allows User Experience (UX) design and software development activities to overlap, thus shortening project timelines. 

As the fields of design and development have matured, each has refined powerful, efficient processes. The pipelining approach leverages these processes and coordinates best practices from both fields to accelerate time to market — all without compromising quality.