Creating Advanced GUIs for Low-power MCUs with Qt

Creating Advanced GUIs for Low-power MCUs with Qt

Microcontrollers, often referred to as MCUs, are used in a growing array of systems and devices, including vehicles, robots, medical devices, industrial automation and home appliances. MCU hardware is introducing touchscreens to more devices with great low-cost electronics. But building rich graphical user interfaces on MCUs can be challenging, especially when given limited development time and resources.

This webinar is for software teams considering to develop and design UIs for MCUs. We will cover:

  • User experience tips in an MCU world
  • Visual design tricks to allow you to optimize early
  • Software development in Qt for MCUs and how to make it all reality

From UX designers to software developers, everyone will learn some tricks to avoid pitfalls that will slow your product development.

All registrants information will be shared with the co-presenter and partner, The Qt Company.