Creating Touchless HMIs Using Computer Vision for Gesture Interaction

Creating Touchless HMIs Using Computer Vision for Gesture Interaction

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Touchscreens are everywhere in public spaces, from grocery store express checkouts to airline check-in counters. As COVID-19 has made people hesitant to touch public surfaces, which can act as vectors for the virus, you may wish to embrace contactless user interfaces for your customer-facing products. In this engineering-focused webinar, we’ll offer technical insight on how to emulate the touch experience via computer vision and gesture technology, and explain best practices to incorporate AirTouch into multimodal interfaces.

Topics will include:

  • Designing gesture-based applications with the Qt framework
  • Creating, training and detecting your own custom gestures
  • Using a depth-sensor interface to control an HMI without touching the screen
  • Leveraging natural gesture control for intelligent monitoring and activity detection

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