GreenHouse by ICS webinar

Introducing GreenHouse: Rapid Development for Embedded Touch Devices

Live Webinar
Thursday, March 5
1 pm EST

Successful touch devices appear deceptively simple to the user. In reality, they’re highly complex and challenging to build. But GreenHouse by ICS is changing that. 

GreenHouse is a smarter way to build embedded devices. Built on the popular Qt framework, GreenHouse eliminates much of the complexity associated with product development — delivering better results in substantially less time. 

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to GreenHouse by ICS and describe in detail its UX-focused approach and best-in-class layered software architecture. GreenHouse shrinks your product development risk while delivering high-quality software in less time and at lower cost than traditional development approaches. Find out how GreenHouse can support and empower your software team!

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