Introduction to Voice Design

Humans have been fascinated with the concept of talking to computers since HAL and Dave Bowman verbally sparred on the silver screen in 1968. A half century later, advances in processing power, internet connectivity and artificial intelligence have converged to allow these kinds of modern, interactive experiences to become available at home, at work, even in our cars. Yet despite how far we’ve come, modern technology is still years away from delivering the effortless human-to-computer conversations that tantalized us in the movies. That’s because Natural Language Understanding (NLU) remains vexing to both designers and computer scientists. In this complimentary webinar, which offers an overview of voice design, we’ll review some history regarding human-to-computer voice interactions, explore the state of NLU as it exists today, and examine a number of best practices today’s interaction designers should adhere to when creating NLUs.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is geared toward anyone who cares about adding voice interactivity to their product. Note the focus is experience design; we will not discuss implementation or APIs.