Usability Challenges in Cutting-edge Medical Devices and Exoskeleton Robotics

Live Webinar
December 8, 4:00pm EST

As medical device and robotics technology mature and grow more capable they also become more complex, requiring focus on usability aspects from both a user experience (UX) design and regulatory perspective. These new applications, such as exoskeletons, demand a seamless interaction between the device and the user. That means designers and developers must improve utility while mitigating inherent risks.

This online panel will explore how to approach UX design for medtech and how it should plug into a product development cycle leading to a 510(k) submission. We will share lessons learned from studying exoskeletons for military applications, and explain how they can be applied to medical/rehabilitative applications.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • UX design principles for med devices
  • Recognizing UX requirements vs Product Requirements
  • Introduction to exoskeletons
  • Task analysis – matching use-cases to technology
  • Hazards analysis
  • Human Subjects Research

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