Giuliana Leone

A visual designer at ICS, Giuliana is experienced in visual design, user interface design, illustration and animation. She uses her love of travel and adventure -- from catching a Lemon shark in Key West to hiking Garden of the Gods -- to inspire her creations.

Blog  •  September 6, 2016  •  By Giuliana Leone  •  UX  •  UX
There are nearly 3.5 billion internet users today. And what are a large proportion of them doing with their time online? Using social media. Often. According to Informate Mobile Intelligence, most people check their social media pages 40 times a day! For user experience (UX) designers, the popularity of social media brings new challenges and responsibilities. Designers can’t ignore the fact that social media is a significant part of users’ web browsing experience. In order to deliver ever-more engaging designs -- meaning giving users access to the information they want in a way that makes...