Automotive IVI Media Manager Announcements

Automotive IVI Media Manager Announcements

By ICS Development Team

Today, at the GENIVI AMM in Paris, ICS has released the open source Media Manager software code which I’ve been referring to in my Media Manager blog series.

The code is now available for download at ICS's GitHub repository.

ICS’s press release details more information about our activities at GENIVI AMM in Paris, including our IVI development hands-on workshops and our latest IVI concept available to view Wednesday night at the member showcase and reception. 

If you have questions about the Media Manager project or code, please feel free to comment here and I'll get back to you. 

Finally, if you want to learn more about the how and why of this automotive infotainment solution project, please join me online on May 12 at 1:00pm EDT for a webinar, where I will explore the making of our Automotive IVI Media Manager and explain the design rationale for our architecture. Register here>>

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