Alexa demo

Powerful Voice Integration for Connected-Car Solutions

By Stephanie Van Ness

Voice has always been recognized as an ideal way for a driver to interact with an auto because it reduces driver distraction. However, the lack of familiarity with most current automotive voice systems, along with their constrained set of commands, has resulted in low use and adoption rates.

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) and The Qt Company are working together to change that. Their goal is to foster new breakthroughs in the use of voice in automotive, and support creation of a safer driving environment.

The companies are working together to integrate Amazon Alexa into Qt and take the driver’s user experience to the next level with responsive and feature-rich UIs. Their Amazon Alexa integration, running on ICS’ IVI media manager and cockpit control system, demonstrates the ability to allow consumers to interact with their car in the same way they’ve become accustomed to with Amazon Alexa in their home.

Watch a short video of this integration.