ICS Sponsors Qt Developer Days 2011

Qt Developer Days

UPDATE: Here's a video recap of Qt-in-use Demos including ICS and other Qt developers.

BEDFORD, MA – September 1, 2011 — Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), is proud to be a sponsor
of Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich and San Francisco.

Stop by our booth where we'll be showcasing some brand new Qt and Qt Quick demos:

Raspberry Pi     

Raspberry Pi — Check out the prototype of the Raspberry Pi, $25 ARM/Hardware OpenGL running Qt 5! ICS has been working with other open source developers — including those from Nokia — to port the latest developer release of Qt 5 to this very economical platform. With OpenGL hardware acceleration and the new Qt 5 architecture, it is amazing what this little, inexpensive board can do. Stop by and let's talk about how we can work with you and this board on your next embedded project. Find more info at The Qt Developer Network and Watch a demo here.

Intel IVI      Intel IVI Proof of Concept — ICS is proud to have implemented the user interface in QML for the Intel IVI Proof of Concept. This POC demonstrates the possibilities of the future "connected car." Not only do you see a touch screen infotainment system with the usual GPS, Radio, MP3, Satellite Radio, but also watch the video stream to an iPad! Watch a demo here.
TV To Go      TV to GO — DVR's are great to capture TV programs for later viewing. But they never seem to be on the device you have with you. Stop by and see how ICS has designed a tablet client that not only allows you to control the future recording of a program, but to also stage it to your device!
QNX Medical Demo      QNX Medical Demo — Do you develop embedded devices? Then stop by and see a working medical device based on QNX and a QML application that ICS wrote. Check your blood pressure, temperature and other vitals to see how DevDays is positively impacting your health! Watch a demo here.
Precor      Precor — The next time you are at your local gym, take a look at the cardiovascular machine you are using. If it says Precor and you are watching TV or Video, it was probably built by Precor and ICS using Qt. To help you recognize this Qt device, we have the control unit from an actual Precor treadmill at our booth. Stop by and see what Qt can do in a real device. Watch a demo here.
NFC      Magic Business Cards — The next generation phones will include hardware that supports Near Field Communications (NFC). This will change not only the way we pay for things at stores and restaurants, but also change the way we interact with printers, headsets, automobiles, and thousands of other ways that are *yet to be invented*. ICS has written a tag writer for Nokia phones that allows you to create a NFC enabled business card. Stop by and create one at DevDays!


While at the conference, don't miss these presentations and training sessions by ICS speakers:

Register today and use code DDPC to take $50 off your conference fee on behalf of ICS.

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