3 Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Device Software Development

Medical device development presents an array of challenges that engineers and developers used to traditional embedded development may not be familiar with. In Design News, ICS' Director of Medical Programs discusses some successful strategies – and potential pitfalls – gleaned from real-world medical device development projects.

October 23, 2019

Widespread Adoption of Embedded and IoT Technologies is Increasing Software Product Development Risks

ICS CEO Peter Winston discusses the three most common reasons that software development projects fail, and how developing a more meaningful focus on users and their experience can help you succeed in this article featured in Software Development Times.

October 01, 2019

Is Raspberry Pi the Right Platform for Embedded Product Development?

The Raspberry Pi was designed as a platform to teach computer science to students. Given its low cost and wide availability, is it suitable as a platform for commercial embedded products? ICS' Jeff Tranter explores this in this in a featured article on Electronic Design's website. Read here.

September 17, 2019

ICS featured in CoreAVI booth at Arm TechCon

ICS and Boston UX are excited that DiSTI will be showing our Cluster demo in the CoreAVI booth (#241) at this years Arm TechCon. The demo is built on the i.MX8 with GLS SC (GL Studio) and CoreAVI’s SC driver. 

September 13, 2019

Age Well with Smart HealthTech

ICS' Stephanie Van Ness discusses challenges that UX designers face when designing smart in-home medical devices for seniors.

August 20, 2019

Software Engineering for Embedded Systems: Methods, Practical Techniques, and Applications

Check out the the newest edition of Software Engineering for Embedded Systems: Methods, Practical Techniques, and Applications where ICS' Joe Hamman has written Chapter 4, Basic Programming Techniques. 

August 06, 2019

User Interface Enhances Monitor for Critical Medical Environments

Check out Design World's July issue where ICS' work with Setra Systems is featured.

July 26, 2019

Trends in UX Design: the IoT Perspective

Here are some emerging trends UX professionals should be aware of from the perspective of an embedded and IoT UX designer.

June 05, 2019

What’s Taking So Long for the Self-Driving Future to Arrive?

ICS' Stephanie Van Ness and Jeff LeBlanc discuss the future of the self-driving car in Connected World magazine. With circulation of over 300,000 readers, people turn to Connected World when they need to make sense of all the trends in a burgeoning digital world in IoT.

May 20, 2019

Focusing on Usability Can Limit Medical Device Recalls: Here’s How

In an article published in MassDevice, the online journal of the medical devices industry, ICS' Stephanie Van Ness and Rex Palmer discuss how to mitigate user error by prioritizing usability and incorporating a carefully designed user experience. Read full article. 

May 15, 2019