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Stay current with the latest Qt news with This Week in Qt, a weekly blog published by the ICS Qt Experts. We read all the Qt blogs, mailing lists, forums, social media outlets, etc. and condense the info to quickly highlight the most important Qt happenings for developers short on time.

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- The first Qt 5.10 Beta has been released: As the Beta phase progresses, more Beta snapshots will be released. - Qt Creator 4.5 Beta has been released: - An initial preview release of Qt 3D Studio has been released:
- Qt 5.9.2 has been released: - Qt Creator 4.4.1 has been released:
Upcoming Qt Releases: - The current plan is to release Qt 5.9.2 this week.  An updated snapshot is already available in the installer. - Qt 5.10 should also have a beta release out this week.
- Qt 5.6.3 has been released: - The Qt Installer Framework 3.0.1 has been released: - Qbs 1.9.0 has been released:
- Qt 5.10 Alpha has been released.  As is usual for Alpha releases, it is available in source-code form only. - The Qt World Summit is coming up soon: Oct 10-12 in Berlin, Germany.
- Qt Creator 4.4.0 has been released: - Qbs 1.9 has been released: - GammaRay 2.8.1 has been released:
- A Qt 5.9.2 snapshot is now available: - CoAP support in Qt is under development:
-Though the plan is still to release a 5.10 alpha by the end of August, delays in qt5.git integration means it's likely the release will slip into the beginning of September. -For Qt 5.9.2, a snapshot should be available this week. -For Qt 5.6.3, first binary snapshot appears to be pretty solid, but a release candidate is not yet ready. -In Qt 5.10, a new method QProcess::...
- Qt Creator 4.4 RC has been released: - Qt 5.6.3 snapshots are available:
- Qt 5.10 Feature Freeze is now in effect. - A "pre-alpha" binary snapshot is available for 5.10: - A new Pointer Handlers facility will be included in 5.10 as a Tech Preview.