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Stay current with the latest Qt news with This Week in Qt, a weekly blog published by the ICS Qt Experts. We read all the Qt blogs, mailing lists, forums, social media outlets, etc. and condense the info to quickly highlight the most important Qt happenings for developers short on time.

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Qt Creator and Qt Quips Qt Creator 4.0 Beta is now available: Here is an amusing article advocating auto in Qt:      
Qt Announcement Qt 5.6 LTS has been released: An issue with deadlocks in KDE Plasma5, specifically in the QtDBus component, has been found and should be addressed in 5.6.1 when it is released.
Qt News Qt version 5.7.0 Alpha has been released: GammaRay 2.4.1 has been released:
Qt Approvals and Announcements Several build issues with the Qt 5.6.0 LTS release have been filed. No expected release of the official Qt 5.6.0 or another RC has been announced yet. Qt 5.7 Alpha is now available (in source form only, as is usual for Alpha releases): Michal Klocek has been granted Approver status...
Qt News Qt 5.6.0 RC has been released: When the final version is released, it will be the first Long Term Support release since Qt 4.8. ICS will offer an upcoming OpenGL Fixed Function to Shaders webinar March 10 @ 1:00 PM (EST). To learn more or register:
Hopefully a Qt 5.6.0 RC will be released this week.  If all goes well, a final might be released within 2 weeks. Qt 5.7 is now feature frozen. Lars Knoll has started a thread: "Supported platforms for Qt 5.8"
Qt in Motion New Qt 5.6 RC snapshots are available: The official RC should be released "as soon as possible". New features page for Qt 5.7 (still in progress) can be found here: The Qt 5.7 branch has been created. The Qt 5.5 branch has been closed to future development. Ariel Molina...
Qt Anticipated Release Schedule The Qt 5.6 RC release is planned to occur in approximately 2 weeks. Qt 5.7 feature freeze is now in effect.  An Alpha release is currently planned for Feb 23.
Qt Accomplishments and Activities Qt 5.6.0 branching has begun and once some blockers are fixed, an RC release will be created. Alexander Blasche has proposed releasing a new Qt SCXML module that has been in development as a Qt add-on (originally part of the Qt Automotive effort). It is being targeted as a Tech Preview for Qt 5.7. Erik Verbruggen is the proposed maintainer. The module,...
Qt Progress Current target schedule for Qt 5.6 will be an RC release on 2/10, followed by a final release on 2/24. A follow-up to the rather long thread regarding the future of C++, CoW (Copy-on-Write) and it's relation to Qt development, a new thread has arisen: "What kind of airplane we want to build?" Logins across multiple...