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A discussion on the use of standard C++ containers in Qt source code has started:  
There is a surprisingly widespread bug in 5.6.1 qtdeclarative: There will be a new post 5.6.1 release containing just that fix. Note that there is discussion about what it should be called: 5.6.1-1?  5.6.2? 27*10e-6?  There is quite the debate about the name so stay tuned.
Qt 5.7.0 has been released: QtCon registration is now open. QtCon will be held in Berlin, September 2-4, 2016. Event schedule (subject to change):
Qt 5.6.1 (LTS) has been released: Qt Creator 4.0.1 has been released: In other news, there is a discussion in the development mailing list about Bringing Back QtWebKit. This will not be a continuation of the old WebKit, and it would not be supported by the Qt...
Qt 5.7.0 RC (release candidate) has been released: Marc Mutz has started a long thread regarding the use of commas in ctor-init-lists: Edward Welbourne is now an Approver
For the Qt 5.7.0 release candidate there are still some blockers preventing release. The plan is still to release on Weds (June 1) if the remaining issues can be resolved in time. For Qt 5.6.1, the plan is to get final packages for testing and possibly release next week.  
New Qt 5.7.0 RC snapshots are available: Qt’s continued plan is to release by Jun 1.  The current known issues are: WebEngine and WebView are missing from 32-bit windows packages Serial bus is missing from Windows and Android packages VKB and qtquickcontrols2 example paths are wrong and the nomination goes to…...
Qt Events & Experiences Qt Creator, 4.0.0 has been released: Qt 5.7.1 development is still on track for an RC release by Jun 1. Qt 5.6.1 is still in progress, but according to the release meeting minutes: "it will still take some time before we are ready to release Qt 5.6.1". There are snapshots available at,...
Qt Debate There is an ongoing debate about whether to stop shipping TIFF libraries with Qt and instead, rely on system versions of these libraries due to continuing security concerns.
Qt Accomplishments and Activities The call for papers for QtCon is now open: QtCon is the replacement for the Qt Contributors Summit for 2016. The deadline for submissions is May 5th. Announcements from the Qt Release meeting: Qt 5.7: Release Candidate by June 1, Final Release expected by June 15. Qt 5.6.1: still some blockers, hope to...