Automotive Grade Linux Shows Off New Flutter-Based IVI Created by ICS


ICS designed and developed a fresh UX/UI for Automotive Grade Linux’s in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system demo. You can see it in this video from, in which AGL’s Executive Director Dan Couchy discusses the future of automotive software development and explains where Flutter fits into the process. 

Featuring a modern look and feel, and intuitive navigation, the elevated AGL demo includes working integrations for key screens, including Home, HVAC, Media Player, Settings and Apps. The software stack combines AGL’s reference platform, a Linux-based distribution that prioritizes open-source software components, and Wayland communication protocol for UI rendering and interaction. The Flutter front-end uses RiverPod, a reactive caching framework for Flutter/Dart, for state management and communication with the underlying hardware and services. Presenting the front end in both Flutter and Qt, ICS demonstrates AGL’s flexibility when it comes to user interface toolkits. 

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