Flutter on
Embedded Devices

Is Flutter Right for Your Project?

At ICS, we love Qt for cross-platform embedded development. But we recognize that on some projects cost can be a limiting factor – and using the open source version of Qt on purpose-built devices is not a viable option. That’s when Flutter – Google’s popular open source, cross-platform framework – can be a great option. You can use Flutter to build, test and deploy beautiful user experiences on multiple platforms with a single codebase. Versatile and flexible, Flutter empowers you to create native-like applications, from mobile to embedded, more quickly and with lower development costs.

Flutter Powers Embedded Development 


Flutter supports development on Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and the web.


Using a single codebase speeds development and shrinks time to market.


Flutter apps are not impacted by the performance of the underlying platform.


Flutter provides a clean interface for custom embedders that can power Flutter apps on new hardware and operating systems.

Native Code

Using reactive programming language Dart, Flutter's programming channels can put a single Dart interface on native code for any platform.

Portable Code

Flutter can use the same rendering stack no matter which embedder spins it up, maximizing code reuse.

Leverage Our Flutter Expertise

ICS’ dedicated team of Flutter experts is at your service, ready to design, build, test and deploy appealing Flutter apps for any screen. We offer comprehensive product development services, including:

  • UX/UI design & rapid prototyping
  • Embedded, desktop, web & mobile development
  • Platform development
  • Device cybersecurity
  • Cloud & web services
  • Test & QA

We Create Compelling Products with Flutter

New UI for AGL IVI demo

To demonstrate its powerful platform at CES 2024, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) partnered with ICS to create an exciting new in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system demo on an abbreviated schedule – less than half the time this type of project would typically take. To help AGL stand apart from the 300+ vehicle tech exhibitors at CES, ICS designed a UI with a fresh, modern look and feel, heightened visceral appeal, and intuitive navigation that presents well on the specified 7-inch touchscreen hardware. In parallel, our development team built working integrations for key screens, including Home, HVAC, Media Player, Settings and Apps. The IVI demo is a showstopper that spotlights both AGL’s robust platform and ICS’ design and development expertise.

Thanks to its open source values, thriving ecosystem, and high-octane features like hot reload, Flutter has captured the attention of automakers, manufacturers and others seeking streamlined embedded development and best-in-class user experiences. 

Save Time and Money with Our Figma2Flutter Plugin

Creating a cross-platform application? Speed the development process with our Figma2Flutter plugin. This convenient UX-to-code tool allows you to design your UX/UI in market-leading interface design tool Figma and then quickly generate Flutter code with minimal effort. Use the plugin to export properly formatted Figma design files directly into compilable Flutter code, which instantly appears in Dart via the Flutter SDK, and see your designs turn into working interfaces! With Figma2Flutter, you’ll save time and money by automatically generating the UI using the plugin instead of coding it.

Use Figma2Flutter to:

  • Ease the handoff from designer to developer
  • Build a working user interface without any coding
  • Quickly convert designs into production-ready code
  • Conduct user testing at the UX stage
  • Shrink time and effort spent on manual coding