April 2019


Winning Qt Applications: Lessons Learned from 500+ Successful Projects

Live Webinar — May 16, 1 pm EDT
To help you keep your development work on track, we'll share 4 measures that set your project up for success, including tips on choosing the right hardware and a roadmap for prioritizing work.Register Now >

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' April Newsletter

Despite advances in the tools, languages and hardware available to developers, software projects sometimes still run into trouble — they miss deadlines, hit intractable technical obstacles and run over budget. I’m giving a live webinar May 16 to share some effective ways to set your project up for success. Next week on April 30 there is also a live webinar on device safety and security from our partner BlackBerry QNX.

In the meanwhile, you can read this month’s blogs and articles on topics from the Qt Installer framework and layered architecture for automotive applications to UX of self-driving cars and the influence of UX in medical device development. You can also check out articles by our in-house experts published in Medical Design Technology and Embedded Computing Design magazines. And, don’t miss the story of our collaboration with open-source 3D printing firm Aleph Objects. Finally, we’ve published some new dates for our slate of popular technical training courses.

Lots of content to keep you busy!

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS

An Introduction to the Qt Installer Framework

As the first interaction a user will have with your desktop application, the installer should be welcoming. Is yours? Read More >>

From Pilots to Passengers: The UX of Self-Driving Cars

ICS is working toward our inevitable self-driving future. Read More >>

Growing Influence of UX is Reshaping Medical Device Development

Medtech manufacturers are increasingly embracing UX design as a way to create safer, more intuitive products. Read More >>

Layered Architecture Delivers More Reliable Automotive Applications, Faster

In a guest article for Embedded Computing Design, ICS discusses how using a layered software architecture approach helps to more quickly build an automotive IVI. Read More >>

Medical Device Design Considerations, Ensuring Usability and Safety

In a guest article for Medical Design Technology, we explore how interface and human factors design impact medical device safety. Read More >>

Focus on UX Mitigates Driver Distraction

In a guest article for Embedded Computing Design, ICS addresses how user experience design can help mitigate some of the distractor factors that can lead to tragedy. Read More >>

Creating Open-Source Software for 3D Printing

Aleph Objects turned to ICS to create a custom 2.0 version of its open-source Cura software that runs its LulzBot desktop 3D printers. Check out this featured article about the process. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

Car HMI USA — April 29 - 30, Detroit, MI

ICS and Boston UX are exhibiting at America's leading automotive HMI & UX event. Learn More >>

Safety and Security: A Common Theme for Mission-Critical Systems — April 30

Check out this live webinar from ICS partner BlackBerry QNX® where they'll explore the challenges around safety and security requirements related to medical equipment. Register Now >>