April 2020


Free Live Virtual Training: QML Programming — Fundamentals and Beyond

To minimize any disruptions due to COVID-19 — and to help improve your project performance — QML Programming - Fundamentals and Beyond is now available online via virtual training. We've broken the course into seven live sessions spread out over the next several weeks. Join us each Tuesday and Friday for your opportunity to participate in our Q&A during the live course. Enroll Now >

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' April Newsletter

Are you working from home? We are too. Despite the change in venue, we’re as busy as ever making progress on all of our customer projects, and exploring new engagements. Still, we understand that social distancing — now part of the lexicon, and everyone’s civic duty — has led to a bit of cabin fever. To help you out, we’ve assembled an interesting collection of webinars, virtual training opportunities, blogs and technical articles to keep your mind occupied and your skills fresh.

Starting with training, in this issue we’re offering a free online course on QML programming suited for both novices and more-experienced QML developers. This month, you’ll also find a live webinar and accompanying blog explaining why and how to separate UI from business logic in your Qt project. Also inside is a piece on the benefits to software engineers of our rapid-development solution, as well as details on how it can be easily used with Qt Design Studio on embedded touchscreen projects. Speaking of touchscreens, be sure to read about how to safely clean those screens to limit disease transmission.

Stay healthy!

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS

Live Webinar — Software Development Best Practices: Separating UI from Business Logic

Join us on April 23 when we’ll explain not only what’s involved in separating the UI from business logic in your next Qt project, but explore some of the key benefits. Register Now >>

GreenHouse by ICS Helps Software Engineers Turn UX into Reality

Pave the way for faster product development by solving 3 tricky problems. Read More >>

Here’s Why You Should Separate UI from Business Logic in Your Application

Application separation is highly beneficial for testing. Read More >>

GreenHouse and Qt Design Studio Together Deliver a Full Solution

GreenHouse doesn’t replace or compete with Qt Design Studio. It complements it. Read More >>

Lose the Ewww: How to Clean Customer-Facing Touchscreens to Reduce COVID-19 Risk

Are touchscreen kiosks and POS touchpads safe to use during a pandemic? Read More >>

Qt Virtual Tech Con

ICS is participating in the Qt Virtual Tech Con, May 12 & 13. There will be 25+ hours of live tech talks, Q&As and more in an online — and completely free — virtual event for designers, developers and technology managers. Register Now >>

Upcoming Events

Qt World Summit 2020 - New Dates!

ICS is a gold sponsor and training partner at The Qt World Summit in Palm Springs, CA which has moved to Oct 20 - 22. Join us for three days of training sessions, tech talks, business talks, real-world use cases and insightful keynotes. Register Now >>