August 2019


Understanding the Complexities of Embedded Software Development

Live Webinar — September 19, 1 pm EDT
We'll discuss some of the key challenges inherent in embedded development and help you gain the knowledge needed to become a skilled Qt developer for embedded platforms. Register Now >

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' August Newsletter

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

This month we bring you a broad range of technical content to keep you busy as summer winds down. We’re offering a live webinar Aug. 22 on internationalization in software applications, as well as a second live webinar Sept. 19 on the complexities of embedded software development. You can find registration links below. Also in this issue are parts 4 and 5 of our series on GPIO programming, covering how to control Raspberry Pi pins and ways to control GPIO hardware from C/C++. There’s also an interesting piece on finding data patterns using Regular Expressions in Qt. And, as always there’s an assortment of training opportunities and events to check out.

Happy reading,

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS

Control Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins from Python

Here's how to control Raspberry Pi GPIO pins from Python using Rpi.GPIO and Gpiozero. Read More >>

Finding Data Patterns Using Regular Expressions in Qt

End-users can be empowered to rapidly and easily filter a large data set according to a few simple rules. Read More >>

Qt Internationalization: Localizing with Qt and QML

Live Webinar — August 22, 1 pm EDT
This webinar will look at what tools Qt provides for internationalization and cover best practices for C++ and QML. Register Now >>

Embracing Internationalization in Software Applications

Can your software application be easily adapted for use in a variety of languages and locales? Read More >>

How to Control GPIO Hardware from C

While you shouldn't do hard real-time programming under a standard Linux-based system, you often can do soft real-time, such as reading buttons and driving LEDs. Read More >>

Qt World Summit Berlin 2019

ICS is sponsoring Qt World Summit in Berlin this November, where leading technology innovators, industry experts, startups and device creators share their insight on the future of cross-platform application development. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

The Greenlight Guru True Quality Roadshow — August 29, Houston, TX

Join ICS and Greenlight Guru in Houston for learning, networking, drinks and hors d'oeuvres at this event for medical device professionals. Read More >>

The MedTech Conference — September 23 - 25, Boston, MA

ICS is exhibiting at AvaMed's MedTech conference where over 3,000 medtech executives and decision makers from more than 35 countries will gather. Read More >>