August 2020

August 2020
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October 1 — 1:00PM EDT
Join ICS, Boston Engineering and Energid at Our Live Robotics Webinar

Robotics plays a key role in emerging healthcare technology. Applications demand a seamless interaction between the robot and user, requiring new models to improve utility and mitigate risks. We’ll cover the state of the art UX/UI where a human is supervising a robotic cell or a platoon of multi-functional robots perform a variety of tasks. We’ll also discuss building an intuitive communication system through speech, gestures, voice and facial recognition. Register Now >>

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' August Newsletter

Summer might be winding down but things are still hot at ICS with a slate of both live and on-demand webinars on important topics such as machine learning in medical devices and AI on edge devices. Our featured live webinar is a joint event with Boston Engineering and Energid on Optimizing Usability and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) in Medical Robotics. Details on all are in this month’s issue, as is information on upcoming industry events The Virtual MedTech Conference and Qt World Summit Online.

We also have for you two more installments in our popular Creating QML Controls From Scratch series, this time covering LineCharts and PieCharts. And don’t miss our blog Mobile Apps Help Consumers Avoid COVID-19 Contaminated Public Touchscreens.

Peter Winston, CEO

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Leveraging AI Processing on Edge Devices

In this joint webinar with Au-Zone Technologies we discuss development challenges and solutions that can be used to enable AI/ML at the edge to implement object detection, classification and tracking for medical and industrial use cases. Download Now >>

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Machine Learning in Medical Devices

Join ICS and BlackBerry QNX for this webinar where we outline the key strategies and illustrate how manufacturers can pursue AI and Machine Learning while balancing the needs of safety within this new paradigm. Read More >>

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Touchless Interactions in the Post-COVID World

This joint webinar with Advanced Kiosks discusses the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of touchless user interactions currently being built and deployed. Download Now >>

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Communication Patterns for Distributed Services

This webinar leverages ZeroMQ, an embeddable networking library that acts like a concurrency framework, and presents established communication patterns to solve different tasks. Download Now >>

Man and woman pointing at screen

eBook: GreenHouse is a Smarter Way to Build Embedded Devices

In fact, it’s a sophisticated solution to a complex problem. And using it for your development projects benefits not only the project overall, but every member of your team. Read More >>

BIOMEDevice Digital Express

BIOMEDevice Digital Express

Check out a replay of ICS' tech talk on Accelerating Medical Device Software Development with Good UX Practice at the BIOMEDevice Digital Express virtual event. Watch Now >>

Creating QML Controls From Scratch

Blogs: Creating QML Controls From Scratch

This month we help you create two controls that use Canvas: LineChart, which is similar to a BarChart, and a PieChart, which makes heavy use of the Context2D API to draw pie slices, callout lines and text.

Avoid Touching COVID-19 Contaminated Public Touchscreens

Blog: Mobile Apps Help Consumers Avoid Touching COVID-19 Contaminated Public Touchscreens

As consumers avoid touching public devices, here’s how to provide contact-less access to your products. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

MedTech Virtual Conference — Oct. 5-7, 2020

ICS is sponsoring and will be presenting at The Virtual MedTech Conference 2020, which will bring together the world's top medtech executives and innovators to network, conduct business, gain access to capital and share insights in an engaging digital environment. Join us during the livestream Oct. 5-7 >>

Qt World Summit Online — Oct. 22, 2020

ICS is a premium sponsor of this year's Qt World Summit Online. Experience the Qt flagship event of the year in a virtual, 3D-rendered, Palm Springs. The agenda includes: inspirational keynotes and real-world use cases, latest news on Qt tools and features, Qt 6, technical talks on Qt design Studio, MCUs, Qt Creator, performance optimization and more. Register Now >>