December 2020

December 2020
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DeviceTalks Tuesday

Join us December 8 at 4 pm EST at DeviceTalks Tuesdays for a panel discussion on "Usability Challenges in Cutting-edge Medical Devices and Exoskeleton Robotics." We’ll take the stage to discuss usability and regulatory issues in the context of medical device development. Register Now >>

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' December Newsletter

With only a few weeks to go in this challenging year, I wanted to share a few highlights of ICS’ 2020 and offer a glimpse of what we have planned for 2021. Working primarily remotely since March, the ICS team successfully expanded our medical and regulatory practice areas, added platform, Yocto and Python sub-specialties, and broadened our UX focus to include gamification and human factors services — all to better serve our customers.

​​​​Looking ahead we’re seeing larger, more complex projects, as well as a growing need to prioritize cybersecurity while blending smart devices into the world around us. For 2021, we aim to build on both our achievements and vision. We will continue to excel in Qt/QML/C++ and OpenGL development while also establishing a strong presence in key areas such as MCUs and device cybersecurity.

And, of course, we’ll continue to create engaging content to help you keep your own skills up to date. For instance, in this issue you’ll find details on a spectrum of events, including DeviceTalks Tuesday, in which we explore usability challenges and regulatory issues in cutting-edge medical devices, and the State of Medical Device Virtual Summit, where we’re speaking on device cybersecurity. We’re also presenting a live webinar on Dockers and Kubernetes, and sponsoring Qt Goes Virt Event Series, a deep dive into desktop development. Speaking of Qt, don’t miss our blog on the forthcoming Qt 6.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season!

Peter Winston, CEO

Docker and Kubernetes

Speed and Agility of Innovation with Docker and Kubernetes December 3 — 1:00 PM EST

In this introductory webinar we will go over the history, fundamentals and usage of Docker and Kubernetes and present key takeaways for CTOs and developers. We'll also cover the key benefits of using this technology in both the development and deployment of Qt applications. Register Now >>

State of Medical Device

2021 State of Medical Device Virtual Summit December 8 - 9

Join quality, regulatory, and product development professionals at Greenlight Guru's 2021 State of Medical Device Virtual Summit. Gain insight into strategies, tactics and technologies preferred in the industry today. ICS’ Shane Keating will be there discussing Strategies for Improving Medical Device Software and Cybersecurity. Register Now >>

QT Goes Virt

Qt Goes Virt Event Series

ICS is sponsoring Qt’s deep dive into desktop development (Dec.10) and design (Jan. 21). At these free half-day events, listen to industry thought leaders and learn from real-life cases. Don't forget to visit our booth while at the show! Learn More >>

QT 6

Blog: Are You Ready for Qt 6?

Qt 6.0.0 will be available soon. Should you make the move? Unlike minor releases of the Qt 5 series, Qt 6 does not need to maintain binary or even source compatibility with Qt 5, which means Qt 5 code will typically require porting to Qt 6.  Read More >>

Get Familiar with FreeRTOS

​​​​​Blog: Get Familiar with FreeRTOS

Learn about FreeRTOS, a Real-Time Operating System kernel for embedded devices primarily targeted at microcontrollers, in our three-part series. In Part 1, included in this issue, we offer a basic introduction to the technology. Read More >>

Virtual Training

Virtual Training: Building an Embedded Application with Qt, January 25 - 29

Learn how to build a Qt application for an embedded device using Raspberry Pi. We'll give you a thorough understanding on how to use QML and the Qt API to create an application from an empty screen to a full graphic UI. Learn More >>