January 2019

Jan 2019
An introduction to CMake


Live Webinar: An Introduction to CMake

Live Webinar
February 14, 1 pm EST

This webinar introduces you to CMake — covering its basic features and how to use it, showing some CMake configurations including Qt-based applications and proving how easy it is to use with Qt. Register Now >>

Mark HatchWelcome to ICS' January Newsletter

We’ve just returned from CES, the global stage for innovation, for which we created several product demos — including three Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) applications for Amazon Alexa. You can read more about them in this issue. We’ve also included a new live webinar introducing CMake, a technical blog offering tips to tune up your knowledge of Modern C++, and details on our Waltham-based training course on desktop programming with Qt.

In terms of UX design, we’re sharing blogs on investing in UX, UX strategy and the impact of UX design on medical device recalls. There’s also information on Boston UX’s webinar with Mentor Graphics, Designing and Developing Usable Medical Devices with OSS, and our one-day training course, UX Design for Embedded Devices.

Whether you’re more interested in design or development, there’s something in this issue for you. Happy reading!

Mark Hatch, COO, ICS

Amazon Alexa Auto SDK

ICS and The Qt Company Leverage Amazon Alexa Auto SDK to Deliver New AGL Applications

ICS created three AGL demo applications for Amazon Alexa. Written in Qt, they're among the first publicly shown to leverage AGL’s multi-assistant speech framework and the new Alexa Auto SDK. Read More >>

C++ Tips

Tune Up Your C++ Knowledge with These Tips

Modern C++ leads to code that's easier to understand, easier to maintain and better performing. Read More >>

Programming with Qt for Desktops

Training: Programming with Qt for Desktops

Waltham, MA — March 11 - 15
This introduction to Qt programming focuses on using Qt Widgets and associated development tools, such as Qt Designer and Qt Creator. Students experience the challenges of cross-platform development with hands-on exercises. Enroll Now >>

Limit Medical Device Recalls

Focus on Usability Can Limit Medical Device Recalls

Usability should be a top priority for medical devices. Yet devices with poor usability still find their way to market. Read More >>

 Need a UX Strategy?

Do You Need a UX Strategy?

To reap the benefits of UX design, including increased ROI, enhanced productivity and reduced development risk, you need a cogent strategy. Read More >>


Are You Investing in UX Design? Here's Why You Should

Here's why it makes financial sense to champion UX design in your product development efforts. Read More >>


Training: User Experience Design for Embedded Devices

This 1-day course covers critical UX concepts software engineers should explore before engaging in core development of an embedded-systems application. Find it in a city near you! Read More >>

Upcoming Events

Live Webinar: Designing and Developing Usable Medical Devices With OSS

January 31, 1 pm EST
Boston UX joins Mentor Graphics for this webinar addressing the best practices for UX design and application development for Medical devices running Linux. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the key issues and challenges encountered when developing software on these complex systems and how to realize the full potential of the device. Register Now >>