July 2018


eBook: The Qt Developer's Bag of Tricks (Part 1)

ICS' latest eBook shares indispensable tools for development, testing and debugging. Download Now >>

Mark HatchWelcome to ICS' July Newsletter

It may be the dog days of summer, a time for kicking back and enjoying a slower pace, but here at ICS we've actually cranked things up. This issue is packed with great content, from a new tech ebook, Qt Developer’s Bag of Tricks, to our live webinar on Qt widgets to our Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices course.

We’ve also completely revamped the Success section on the ICS website to better showcase our valued clients and some of the work we’ve done for them. We’ve redesigned the entire section, adding brand-new customer stories to spotlight some of our latest projects, like Phantom AI (autonomous autos). This section is a must-see!

And, as always we have blogs on diverse subjects. This month includes pieces on input masks and validators, using a low-cost Raspberry Pi as a game controller, and a look at why designing sleek IoT devices is such a challenge. Happy reading.

Mark Hatch, COO, ICS


Live Webinar: Meet the Widgets

August 2, 1 pm EDT
In Part IV of our summer webinar series we'll show you how to implement UI and UI behavior with traditional widgets as opposed to QML. Register Now >>


Phantom AI is on the Front Lines of the Driverless Revolution

To ensure Phantom AI’s autonomous system worked seamlessly, the company turned to ICS to help visualize huge amounts of data. Read More >>


Join ICS at Qt World Summit Boston

ICS ​is bringing our expertise to The Qt World Summit in Boston this October. We're offering a variety of pre-conference training sessions on everything from Introduction to QML to Enabling Qt Applications for Speech with Amazon Alexa. Learn More >>


Qt Support for Input Masks and Validators

In the two-part Qt Basics blogs, we look at Qt's support for input masks and validators. Part 1 explores support from widgets. In Part 2 (August) we'll look at how these features are supported from QML. Read More >>


ICS Success Stories

ICS has completely revamped our success section to better showcase the work we've done for clients in industries from medical devices and life science to industrial controls and IoT. Check out some of our projects. Read More >>


Training: Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices

Waltham, MA — August 20 - 24
We've extended the early-bird rate for a limited time for our hands-on, five-day course teaches which participants how to use Qt and Qt Quick to develop modern applications for embedded systems and touchscreens. Enroll Now >>


How to Control Your Game with Raspberry Pi

We built a cool, large-format Plinko-style game for use at a trade show. Here's how we did it. Read More >>


Does Minimalist UX Design Require Maximal Design Effort?

New technologies and cutting-edge IoT products require substantial design effort — even for the simplest-appearing designs. Here's why. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

Autotech Council Science Fair — October 1, Mountain View, CA

Find out how ICS has integrated Alexa into our IVI system at Silicon Valley's annual hands-on expo for cutting edge automotive and mobility innovation. Learn More >>

Qt World Summit — October 29 - 30, Boston, MA

ICS is a gold sponsor at the upcoming Qt World Summit, which is coming to Boston this fall. Register Now >>