March 2021

March 2021 Newsletter
Live Webinar: Creating Advanced GUIs for Low-power MCUs with Qt

Live Webinar: Creating Advanced GUIs for Low-power MCUs with Qt

April 22, 1 pm EDT — ​​​​​​​Considering developing and designing user interfaces for MCUs? Everyone from UX designers to software developers will learn tricks to avoid pitfalls that will slow your product development at our latest webinar with The Qt Company. Register Now >>

Mark Hatch

Welcome to ICS' March Newsletter

Have you developed with microcontrollers? We’re excited about this tiny tech, often referred to as MCU, which is powering the IoT revolution. By 2023, there will be nearly 30 billion connected devices in the world and nearly all will incorporate an MCU. Already, almost 25% of the devices we develop at ICS include MCUs.

To help you explore their potential, we’re putting together a variety of new technical content, including webinars, eBooks and a blog series, The Smart Revolution. You’ll find parts 1 and 2 in this issue, along with the live webinar Creating Advanced GUIs for Low-power MCUs with Qt, and a blog on the new Raspberry Pi Pico, which combines the Raspberry Pi and the MCU.

Also inside: live webinars on Ubiquitous QuickBoot, and safeguarding medical devices from cyber threats, as well as virtual training to help you learn to build an embedded device with Qt.

Mark Hatch, COO

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MD&M | BIOMEDigital, April 6 & 7

Visit ICS and hear our tech talk at MD&M and BIOMEDevice which are joining forces to provide you with a fully dedicated medtech virtual experience. Tune in to learn about the latest in digital health, 3D printing, software and security, surgical robotics, and more. Learn More >>

DEV/DES Days 2021, May 18 - 21

ICS is sponsoring DEV/DES Days, the free virtual event where 3000+ software developers and designers will get inspired by keynotes and learn from hands-on sessions and each other. Learn More >>