May 2016

  May 2016 Qt Tips & Tricks

Qt Tips & Tricks Seminar Series – Four City Tour 2016

Join us at our half-day, complimentary Qt Tips & Tricks seminar, followed by a Managers' Round Table lunch in a city near you. Whether you are a developer who wants to utilize this amazing framework for more than just building a UX or if you are a project manager who wants to understand its broad capabilities, join us. We will explore the many benefits and best practices of using and planning for Qt projects all while networking with peers! Register Now >>

  Qt for Beginners   Qt for Beginners, Part 4 – Doing More
Live Webinar: June 9, 2016 at 1:00 PM EDT
Join us as we will explore the many aspects of Qt and its broad application of use including integration techniques, embedded systems development, overall best practices and beyond. Learn more and register. Register Now >>
  Media Manager Blog   Open Source Media Manager Code Release
ICS has experience building in-vehicle-infotainment (IVI) systems for the automotive, agricultural and avionics industries. Based on our knowledge, our engineering team came up with an interesting architecture that addresses many of the vexing issues with existing IVI solutions. We've released the code and the fourth in a series of blogs about the project. Read More >>
Welcome to the May edition of the ICS newsletter. We are continuing our popular Qt for Beginners webinar series with Part 4 on June 9 and then wrapping up with a final Ask the Experts webinar on June 23 where we'll answer as many of your questions as possible! Read on for more details of how to submit your questions. We are also kicking off a summer Qt Tips and Tricks seminar series and Managers' Round Table, a complimentary event in select US cities. We hope to see you there.

At the GENIVI meeting last month in Paris, we released our open source Media Manager for Automotive Infotainment. Even if your application is not in the automotive/ transportation industry, I invite you to review the project, associated blogs and webinar replay. This technology is applicable to a wide range of applications, basically anything that provides for the replay of videos or music to its user. Finally, check out our many other blogs on OpenGL, User Experience (UX) and other technical Qt topics for your development efforts.
Mark Hatch

Mark Hatch
ICS, Inc.

Qt and OpenGL: Loading a 3D Model with Open Asset Import Library (ASSIMP) – Part 2
This blog extends our previous article on Loading a 3D Model with ASSIMP. Last time we covered how to use ASSIMP to load a model into our data structures such that is was ready for rendering with OpenGL. This time we’re going to cover how to write a program to actually render these models. Read More >>
  Programming for Qt

Programming with Qt for Desktops Training
Bedford, MA, June 13 - 17 and
Denver, CO, June 20 - 24
Join us for an in-depth introduction to Qt programming. This five day course will focus primarily on using Qt Widgets and corresponding development tools such as Qt Creator and Qt Designer. If you are like most engineers, a hands-on approach is one of the best ways to learn and students will experience the challenges of cross-platform development. We will also look at porting applications to and from Windows to Mac OS. If you are in or around the Denver, CO or Bedford, MA area, come and bring a colleague. Be sure to save your seat! Enroll Now >>
  8 Golden Rules

Eight Golden Rules: Rule 8 – Reduce Short Term Memory Load
In the final blog of this series, Eight Golden Rules for Success in UX Design, we take a look at the concluding rule of Ben Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design. Simply put, don’t make your user remember more things than necessary. Sounds easy, right? Think again. Read More >>
  Webinar: Making of Auto IVI

The Making of an Automotive IVI Media Manager
In this webinar replay, Roland Krause explores the making of ICS's new, open source Auto IVI Media Manager and explains the design rationale for our implementation. He discusses the architectural framework of the Media Manager and address the many challenges inherent when creating an intelligent automotive media manager. Watch Now >>
  Qt Blog   Qt Blog: What's New in Qt 5.6.0: Logging to syslog and journald 
It is often desirable to log events from an application, like errors or debug information, to a log file or even to a different computer. A new feature of Qt in version 5.6.0 is the ability to direct the output of the commonly used Qt message logging functions to the standard syslog and journald logging systems available on most Linux platforms. In this blog post, we'll look at how to use this new facility, including example code and more. Read More >>
  Qt Blog   Qt Blog: The Swift Programming Language
In 2014, Apple introduced the new Swift language, which was characterized as "Objective-C without the C." Swift is now being promoted as the replacement for Objective-C and many developers are moving to it for application development on Apple platforms. In 2015, Apple made Swift available under an open source license and added support for Linux platforms. In this blog, we will take a look at how this language has changed and how it is being used today. Read More >>
  Programming with Qt   Programming with Qt for Embedded Devices Training Silicon Valley, July 11 - 15
Embedded development is at an all-time high across many industries. This hands-on, 5-day course focuses on developing modern applications for embedded systems and touchscreens using Qt and Qt Quick. The class utilizes real development boards with touchscreens for each participant and introduces students to working with embedded touchscreen systems. If you can dream it, we can build it, together. Learn more and save a seat for you and a colleague before they are gone! Enroll Now >>

Upcoming Events

      Qt for Beginners Webinar Series, Part 5 – Ask the Experts, June 23
ICS will round out the Qt for Beginners webinar series with a bonus Ask the Experts session! Our hosts from the first four webinars will review the questions trending throughout the series, as well as answer additional questions. Register Now >>

      Qt World Summit 2016 – San Francisco, CA, October 18 - 20
Save the Date!
ICS will be a key sponsor at the Qt World Summit which is returning to San Francisco, CA for its 13th occurrence. Leading technology innovators, industry experts, startups, and device creators will share their insight on the future of cross-platform application development
cross-platform application developmentLearn More >>
      Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco, CA August 16 - 18
ICS is exhibiting at IDF16, where over 6,000 attendees are eager to get hands-on with what’s next in technology! Intel plans to continue focus on key areas around Data Center Software & Security, Internet of Things (IOT), technology & research and mobile devices.