May 2017

ICS Newsletter - May 2017

Summer Webinar Series — Best Practices in Qt Quick / QML

Join us this summer as we bring you a series of webinars that will enhance the way you use Qt! /Qt Quick/QML is a collection of technologies that can build modern and fluid interfaces for applications — quickly. In Part 1 we cover the building blocks of QML, Qt properties and declarative code. Register Now >>

Welcome to ICS' May Newsletter

Welcome – just in time for the warmer weather we're launching our summer webinar series designed to help you use Qt/QML to its fullest. In Part 1 on June 8 I'll give you a strong foundation, covering the basics like Qt properties and declarative code. And I’ll build from there, offering real-world insight and helpful tips to make your job easier.

We also have a variety of in-person training opportunities on Qt, as well as an on-demand webinar on automotive IVI and blogs on QML controls, medical device product development teams and more. If you happen to still be using Motif for your development efforts, but looking to make the move to Qt, join us for a special Motif ⟶ Qt webinar on May 25. I hope you can join us for one or more events and if you find this information valuable please share it with your colleagues!

Justin Noel, Senior Consulting Engineer, ICS

Live Webinar: Porting Motif Applications to Qt

May 25, 1 pm EDT
Motif has been a popular toolkit for developing graphical desktop applications. There are a number of reasons to migrate these applications to newer platforms. We'll look at scenarios, strategies and general advice for porting Motif applications to Qt based on the wide experience ICS has gained over many conversion projects. Learn More >>

Programming with Qt for Desktops – early-bird pricing extended!

June 5 – 9, Sunnyvale, CA
This is a five-day, in-depth introduction to Qt programming primarily focused on using Qt Widgets and associated development tools, such as Qt Designer and Qt Creator. Students will experience the challenges of cross-platform development with exercises that involve porting applications from Windows to MacOS (or vice versa). Enroll Now >>

Creating QML Controls from Scratch: Switch

In Part 3 of our series, we're implementing a switch. Here's the walkthrough. Read More >>

A Look at How Consumer Electronics and Medical Device Product Development Teams Differ

Consumer electronics and medical device development teams have different priorities. Match your team to your goal. Read More >>

Configuring Qt Creator for Yocto Development

We're often asked in our training classes how to set up the Qt Creator IDE for embedded development using the Yocto framework. Here's a tutorial. Read More >>

How to Fulfill the Potential of Smart Devices for Improving Lives

For connected IoT devices — especially medical devices — to be truly transformative they need to deliver a well-designed and intuitive user experience. Download Now >>

Is It Easy to Interact with Your Content?

People are busy. Distracted. To get them to engage with your content, make it easy to consume by leveraging your digital ecosystem. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

Programming with Qt for Desktops — July 10 – 14, Waltham, MA

This is a five-day, in-depth introduction to Qt programming, primarily focused on using Qt Widgets and associated development tools, such as Qt Designer and Qt Creator. Enroll Now >>

Live Webinar: QML by Design — July 13, 1 pm EDT

This Qt QML webinar will touch on the benefits of having designers trained in the same framework the programmers are using. We will dive into the graphical elements of QML and how they are positioned, layered, colored, and quickly built into reusable components. Register Now >>

SIGGRAPH 2017 — July 30 – August 3, Los Angeles, CA

ICS will exhibiting with The Qt Company at SIGGRAPH 2017, the world’s largest, most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Find Out More >>