October 2020

October 2020
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Don't miss ICS and Keitaro at our live webinar on Docker and Kubernetes

Join us for an introductory webinar on Docker and Kubernetes, which are innovating the way redundant systems are run on the Cloud and on the Edge with the same technology. We will cover the history, fundamentals, usage, and present key takeaways for CTOs and developers. Register Now >>

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' October Newsletter

Happy Halloween! 🎃

We’ve been busy creating virtual training programs, webinars and other informative content to keep your skills on the leading edge. In this issue, you can find details on our lab-focused virtual training course Building an Embedded Application with Qt, which begins Nov. 10. You can also check out our latest live webinar, offered in tandem with our partner Keitaro, on Docker and Kubernetes. This tech paves the way for running federated, scalable, and redundant systems on the Cloud and on the Edge, and helps speed innovation.

​​​​We also have for you a new technical ebook, Creating QML Controls From Scratch, as well as blogs on scientific software design, tips for developing safer medical devices, and hardware’s impact on our perception of color. And if you missed our popular webinars Optimizing Usability and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) in Medical Robotics and Creating Touchless HMIs Using Computer Vision for Gesture Interaction, you can now watch them on-demand.

Peter Winston, CEO

Virtual Training

Virtual Training: Building an Embedded Application with Qt

Don’t let the pandemic negatively impact your professional development. Take advantage of ICS’ lab-focused virtual training beginning on Nov. 10. You'll gain a thorough understanding of QML and the Qt API and create an application from an empty screen to a full graphic user interface. Register Here >>

Creating QML Controls From Scratch

eBook: Creating QML Controls From Scratch

QML provides a powerful and flexible framework for developing user interfaces (UI). The basic elements provided are low level, so you typically need to build up the components of your UI into widget-like controls. Creating a set of common QML controls can greatly reduce the overall development effort of your project. Download Now >>

Improve Scientific Software

Blog: It’s Time to Fix Scientific Software

A wider embrace of UX design can make it easier for those working in life sciences R&D to more quickly bring new therapies to market, essential in the Covid era. Read More >>

Doctor at screen

Blog: Developing Safe Medical Devices Means Following These Principles

As medical device complexity expands, so does the need to evolve these devices to ensure they become safer for a more diverse and less technically sophisticated range of users. Here are key safety principles device makers should follow. Read More >>

Color Perspective

​​​​​Blog: Do My Eyes Deceive Me? Hardware Impacts Perception of Color

Humans can perceive colors differently based on the screen on which the color is presented. That means testing UIs on target hardware is critical. Read More >>

Medical robotic

​​​​​On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing Usability and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) in Medical Robotics

We explore the state of the art relative to UX/UI where a human is supervising a cobotic cell or platoon of multi-functional robots perform a variety of tasks, streaming data back to the supervisor, prioritizing process steps, etc. Watch Now >>


On-Demand Webinar: Creating Touchless HMIs Using Computer Vision for Gesture Interaction

In this engineering-focused webinar, we offer technical insight on how to emulate the touch experience via computer vision and gesture technology and explain best practices to incorporate AirTouch into multimodal interfaces. Watch Now >>

Upcoming Events

Qt Goes Virtual Event Series — Nov. 18, Dec. 10, Jan. 21

ICS is sponsoring Qt’s deep-dive into Desktop (Nov. 18) and Embedded (Dec.10) development as well as Design (Jan. 21) with free half-day events. Hear from industry thought leaders and learn from real-life cases. Access 10+ hours of content live and on-demand! Learn More >>

DeviceTalks Tuesdays — Dec. 8

Join us on Dec. 8 at 4 pm EST at DeviceTalks Tuesdays, which brings together engineering, product development, and commercialization professionals to share the challenges and best practices of getting medical devices to the market. We’ll take the stage to discuss usability and regulatory issues in the context of medical device development. Register Here >>