Podcast: Usability Challenges in Cutting-edge Medical Devices and Exoskeleton Robotics

Device TalksThis podcast hosted by "DeviceTalks Tuesday" highlights the online panel ICS gave on how to approach UX design for medtech and how it should plug into a product development cycle leading to a 510(k) submission.

In this excerpt you will hear how to engage users and how to incorporate feedback from users into design, how to distinguish usability requirements from product requirements in medical devices, and an overview on exoskeletons for military applications.

To get the full impact of the presentation, be sure to download the webinar on-demand where we go more in-depth into:

  • UX design principles for med devices
  • Recognizing UX requirements vs Product Requirements
  • Exoskeletons
  • Task analysis – matching use-cases to technology
  • Hazards analysis
  • Human Subjects Research

Listen to the podcast using our player below: