Qt Consulting Silicon Valley

Need Qt Consulting in Silicon Valley? Work with the Experts

ICS is the Premier Qt Consultant in the South Bay and the U.S.

Whether you're exploring Qt for a project in its nascent design phase or have an existing project that requires Qt consulting expertise to accelerate development, ICS is the company to turn to. Our deep knowledge of Qt-powered embedded and application programming and our vast Qt consulting experience for companies like Santa Clara-based Intel are unparalleled.

ICS has been providing Qt consulting in the Valley and throughout the U.S. since 2002 --  longer than anyone else. We’ve worked with leading organizations in diverse industries, from robotics and avionics to medical devices and consumer electronics. They look to us for elegant solutions to complex development challenges. For instance, ICS developed a compelling Qt-powered on-demand mobile interface for telecom firm Minerva Networks, headquartered in San Jose. Our interface helped Minerva reach its goal of enabling its service-provider customers to offer an engaging television experience to their subscribers, across any network, on any device and at any time. Our skilled Qt consultants are available to help you complete your project ahead of time and under budget.

Why ICS?

ICS has been creating intelligently designed, expertly engineered software for everything from embedded devices to touchscreen interfaces on a spectrum of technology platforms for nearly 30 years. We leveraged this experience when launching our Qt consulting practice a decade ago. Our first client: Nokia. We truly understand how to create robust, enterprise-grade applications that are solidly engineered and champions in performance.

ICS is headquartered just outside of Boston in Waltham, Mass., with offices throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada and Europe. For more information about ICS’ Qt consulting services, visit our Qt consulting services page.