Why ICS?

We do what others say cannot be done.

We Know Technology – We are Qt Experts

Although we can design, develop and deliver advanced IVI systems with your choice of platform, we prefer Qt/QML, a proven technology that builds stable applications for IVI offering time and cost savings and getting your product to market before the competition.

We Solve Problems

Our software engineers and user experience designers (UX) have the skills clients seek to solve large engineering and design problems to deliver next generation IVI in an Agile environment.

How We Work

We have worked with some of the largest automotive, agricultural and aviation manufacturers worldwide to deliver custom designed UX and embedded in-vehicle infotainment systems. We listen. We learn about what you want and we work with you to solve engineering and UX design issues up front.

We leverage our in-vehicle domain knowledge to reduce project complexity, costs, redundancies and development time to increase the commercial potential of your IVI.

We Get It and We Get It Done Well

We have a portfolio of powerful projects – and repeat clients so don’t just take our word for it. See what others have to say in our portfolio.