Your Jumpstart for Embedded Development

Get Qt Running on Your Embedded Platform Quickly and Painlessly

Software often ends up being the final barrier before a new product with embedded hardware can be released to manufacturing. The Qt® framework helps reduce the magnitude of this barrier by allowing the development of embedded applications on desktop systems using a virtual framebuffer well before the actual hardware is available. However, at some point, you need to cross-compile for your target platform and test your application on the real hardware.

ICS's Jumpstart for Embedded Development allows you to handoff to the experts the port of the Qt software to your hardware platform. Jumpstart's fixed price and a fixed delivery commitment with options to tailor the service to your needs, provide the most economical and efficient way to get started with Qt.

This service includes:

  • Turnkey Qt Port to Your Linux Platform
  • Documented Qt Build Process
  • Development Cookbook That Overcomes the "Hello World" Barrier
  • Performance Report That Tells You What You Need to Know
  • Fixed Price
  • Several additional customizable options