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ICS helped Intel rapidly show the power of its new in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system solutions.

Intel® Automotive Drives Innovation with ICS

With a long history of advanced software development and user experience (UX) design, ICS has been among the pioneers developing and integrating connected IVI systems. We give automakers a competitive advantage by helping them deliver cutting-edge infotainment systems that facilitate a fully connected lifestyle for consumers.


Intel introduced a new product family of In-Vehicle Solutions that offer optimized hardware and software foundations for automakers and suppliers. The company needed a compelling way to demonstrate the power and functionality of these highly-integrated solutions. They asked ICS to help build an IVI system to showcase core features, impressive graphics capabilities and ease of use. And they wanted it done quickly.


Working on an accelerated development time frame — a mere nine weeks from concept to completion — ICS relied on Intel In-Vehicle Solutions software foundation service APIs and our internal UX team to quickly design and implement all the features of a modern IVI system, which include:

  • Multimedia audio and video
  • Rear-view camera
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Climate control
  • Navigation and GPS
  • Internet and cloud connectivity
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling


Racing from zero to amazing in nine weeks, ICS delivered as promised. You can read more about the Intel project by viewing ICS & Intel In-Vehicle Solutions Proof of Concept whitepaper.


Learn How ICS Developed a Modern IVI System

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