MobiKOM Partners with ICS to Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction with Innovative Mobile Technology

MobiKOM, a leading mobile solutions provider in Denmark, provides a major Danish telecommunications company, with an integrated, scalable mobile switchboard for its clients. This exclusive partnership offers small to mid-sized businesses access to the latest in communications technology. 

Partners of Choice

MobiKOM Mobile Operator Board

This Danish telecommunications giant needed to deliver innovative technology to replace obsolete switchboard systems and reduce costs associated with customer service for its business clientele. MobiKOM, a technology partner already established in this area, saw an opportunity and approached this telecom group with confidence knowing its technology could meet the growing demand for mobile switchboard solutions.

MobiKOM had already developed MMOB – MobiKOM Mobile Operator Board, a mobile switchboard system giving users the freedom and flexibility to transfer calls and conduct service within a virtual, mobile environment. In order to keep its MMOB product relevant, while creating a stronger competitive market advantage, MobiKOM collaborated with Integrated Computer Solutions to update the application. The intended switchboard solution also needed to be a cost effective, efficient and scalable system with minimal fail rates. MobiKOM delivered to stay ahead of the changes within the market. 

Strong engineering experience and project management skills gave us confidence in our choice to work with ICS. Ultimately, we knew we made the right decision when they delivered quality code on time for the next generation of stable, scalable mobile switchboard solutions for our clients.

- Kristian Nielsen, Managing Partner and Director MobiKOM ApS

Greater Freedom, Reduced Costs and Improved Service

The business user needed a modern alternative to the traditional idea of leasing expensive equipment, with maintenance and support contracts, outsourcing customer service representatives and updating outdated technology. This old world model was no longer efficient, stable or cost effective. Missed calls and poor routing, long wait times and confusing processes have led to missed business opportunities and poor customer service.

ICS Delivers Mobility Using Qt/QML 

ICS’ Qt engineers built the desktop application for the mobile multi-platform product with expanded features to enhance the MMOB service. The platform communicates between PC/Server and mobile phones via an advanced Wi-Fi system, a unique feature that differentiates the MMOB product. 

This PC application and intuitive user interface, was developed using Qt/QML for Windows and was expanded to the MAC OSX platform, all while reducing development time and costs for MobiKOM. The integrated calendar feature provides fast and accurate routing based on employee availability, offers redirect options and messaging to any mobile device and helps reduce wait times, translating into positive customer experiences. 

Unlike other engineering consultants often viewed as order takers, ICS delivered more than expected by listening, understanding the objective and offering technical direction to deliver the best results. Ultimately, this thoughtful exchange coupled with their deep knowledge and problem-solving experience resolved numerous technical challenges. One such challenge was how best to stabilize the Wi-Fi feature, an important element to this mobile offering. With tenacious effort, an ICS engineer discovered a solution and stability was restored. 

ICS Europe delivered more than we expected; they listened, understood the objective, provided technical direction on the original concept and delivered a solid, stable solution – all while navigating multiple challenging constraints. Overall, very impressive work and we are pleased with having chosen ICS and look forward to continuing the relationship.

- Kristian Nielsen, Managing Partner and Director MobiKOM ApS

Together, with ICS Europe, MobiKOM has improved their MMOB software. No longer do businesses require cumbersome and expensive leased switchboard equipment, outdated IP telephony hard-wired systems or static desk consoles. This mobile switchboard solution provides greater flexibility with modern upgrade capability, stable communications utilizing existing PCs, mobile devices and Wi-Fi technology.

MobiKOM can now offer users a low total cost of ownership system, resulting in improved customer service for its clients. Today, over 10,000 users benefit from MMOB enjoying solid results, greater mobility and freedom with cost saving benefits. MobiKOM intends to continue the partnership with ICS for future application and platform expansion for its mobile technology and to provide engineering excellence and innovation to keep pace with Denmark’s telecommunications industry needs. 

About MobiKOM ApS

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