Qt Quick (QML) Application Development

Qt Quick (QML) provides user experience (UX) designers and Qt developers the ability to collaborate and create rich, intuitive and compelling user interfaces for applications – quickly.

QML is a collection of technologies that can build modern and fluid interfaces for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, media players, digital display screens, set-top boxes, and other similar devices. With QML, exporting graphics from Adobe Photoshop® to layer into QML is easy and gives pixel perfect UIs that can easily integrate with C++. This gives the developer the ability to fully implement the artists’ vision in a simple and straightforward way.

To demonstrate QML’s capability, ICS developed an interactive touch display built with HTML, Qt5 and QML 2.0. This video shows how well our design and development teams collaborated on this project, originally designed for Qt Developer Days 2012:



Download video: MP4 format

Check out the Qt Quick (QML) project for In Vehicle Infotainment: Qt Quick and IVI Demo

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