The Making of an Automotive IVI Media Manager

The Making of an Automotive IVI Media Manager

ICS has delivered numerous In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) for automotive industry and In-Flight-Entertainment (IFE) projects. As part of these projects, we have developed an important enabling component of any entertainment system, a media manager that addresses the many challenges inherent when trying to create an intelligent automotive infotainment solution.

In this on-demand video, we will explore the making of our Automotive IVI Media Manager and we will explain the design rationale for our architecture. We will also address challenges of providing unknown future capabilities using a plugin architecture that is extendible and robust. In detail we will cover:

  • Identifying media on a myriad of different passenger devices
  • Searching, sorting and filtering media into playlists
  • Making different sources of media accessible through a single unified interface
  • Directing media output to specific passengers
  • Achieving a consistent user experience

In addition to watching the on-demand video, we encourage you to download the media manager open source code that will be available soon to evaluate as part of your IVI solution.

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