February 2020


Live Webinar: Introducing GreenHouse by ICS

Thursday, March 5, 1 pm EST
In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to GreenHouse by ICS and describe in detail its UX-focused approach and best-in-class layered software architecture. GreenHouse shrinks your product development risk while delivering high-quality software in less time and at lower cost than traditional development approaches. Register Now >

Mark HatchWelcome to ICS' February Newsletter

In case you missed our announcement last week, we’ve officially launched GreenHouse by ICS!

GreenHouse delivers better, quicker, more cost-effective results than traditional product development methods by eliminating much of the complexity associated with embedded-device development. More details about GreenHouse can be found in my blog, Want a Competitive Advantage? Focus on UX and Software, as well as GreenHouse is a Smarter Way to Build Embedded Touch Devices from ICS’ CEO Peter Winston.

For an even deeper understanding, be sure to register for our March 5 GreenHouse webinar. And while you’re in registration mode, sign up for the 2020 Qt World Summit. Links for both are in this issue. Also in this month’s issue is the latest installment in our QML Controls series, and a piece on QtQuick Timeline.

Mark Hatch, COO, ICS

GreenHouse is a Smarter Way to Build Embedded Touch Devices

Improve product development with GreenHouse by ICS. Read More >>

Want a Competitive Advantage? Focus on UX and Software

Use GreenHouse for high-performing software and a unique UX that keeps your competitors at bay. Read More >>

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: Tabs

Tabs are used to expand limited screen real estate. Read More >>

Qt World Summit 2020

ICS is a gold sponsor and training partner at the upcoming Qt World Summit in Palm Springs, CA. Register Now >>

A Look at the QtQuick Timeline Module

Helpful examples for testing the QtQuick Timeline module recently added to Qt5.14. Read More >>

Embedded Software Design More Challenging than Web and Mobile

Overreliance on templates can be a trap in the realm of embedded software design. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

Car HMI USA — April 27 - 28, Detroit, MI

ICS is exhibiting at Car HMI USA, the award-winning international knowledge exchange platform that brings together all stakeholders leading the technical and design future of automotive HMIs and UX. Read More >>