May 2020


Ventilator Shortage Sparks Technology Partnership Between RespiraWorks and ICS

Global nonprofit composed of volunteer engineers taps ICS to create embedded touchscreen for low-cost, long-term use ventilators in developing countries. Read More >>

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' May Newsletter

I’m proud that ICS is doing its part to help with pandemic response by partnering with RespiraWorks, a volunteer organization comprising engineers, healthcare workers and other professionals around the world, to develop a low-cost, open source ventilator for use in countries with developing economies. This medical-grade device is intended to help countries cope with the anticipated second wave of the virus. Unlike other ICS projects, this one is not under NDA so I’ve been writing regular updates — read more at ICS Joins RespiraWorks on Open Source Ventilator Project — to give you a glimpse into the medical device development process.

We also have for you in this issue live webinars on the Qt Quick scene graph and communication patterns for distributed services, and a virtual summit with Greenlight Guru for medical device pros. For blogs, you can read about a new function in Qt 5.15, the role of abstraction layers, the influence of COVID-19 on medical device UIs, and the benefits of our GreenHouse rapid-development solution to UX designers.

Stay healthy!

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS

Live Webinar: Introduction to the Qt Quick Scene Graph — May 28

Interacting with the Qt Quick scene graph is a good bonus skill for any Qt developer to have. This webinar will present this component: a graphical representation of the Item scene and an alternative method to QML coding. Register Now >>

How GreenHouse by ICS Benefits User Experience Designers

We find solutions to the most common UX-related problems on any embedded project. Read More >>

The Greenlight Guru True Quality Virtual Summit — June 2 - 4

If you’re a medical device professional looking to learn from industry leaders, join The Greenlight Guru True Quality Virtual Summit, June 2 - 4. Register Now >>

New in Qt 5.15: Moving Files to the Trash in a Portable Way

This handy new feature in Qt will make your desktop application more user friendly. Read More >>

Abstraction Layer Addresses Interdependencies

Provide an abstraction layer to replace external dependencies with mock implementation. Read More >>

Don’t Touch! COVID-19 Gives Voice and Gesture UIs New Relevance

Medical device makers should explore touchless interfaces more aggressively than ever. Read More >>

Live Webinar: Communication Patterns for Distributed Services — June 25

This webinar will leverage ZeroMQ, an embeddable networking library that acts like a concurrency framework, and present established communication patterns to solve different tasks, from IPC to P2P and from pub-sub to gossip networks. Register Now >>

Upcoming Events

Qt World Summit 2020 - New Dates!

ICS is a gold sponsor and training partner at The Qt World Summit in Palm Springs, CA which has moved to Oct 20 - 22. Join us for three days of training sessions, tech talks, business talks, real-world use cases and insightful keynotes. Register Now >>