Cruise Line Bridge Control

Managing a floating city

ICS created a prototype of an intuitive interface for a major cruise line.

Making it Easier to Sail the Seven Seas

The sea is unpredictable, making cruising both fun and potentially dangerous. With its Cruise Line Network, Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) has contributed to the safety and security of cruise line passengers and crew. Cruise ship UI


The security, stability and systems that make up a cruise liner are complex and compartmentalized. Taking a silo approach to managing these components often leads to miscommunication between departments and crew. ICS looked for ways to make it easier to manage systems holistically.


We helped our client gather and filter important data from various departments into one singular application, which provided the framework for this holistic approach. We then designed an intuitive user interface (UI) that provided the crew with essential ship data regarding the various on-board control systems, from fuel consumption and cargo capacity to HVAC and security. The streamlined, modern UI delivers a touch-based, non-linear experience that helps crew members remain informed and updated on critical functions. And it ensures they're well-prepared to address any challenges that arise during the regular course of business, which benefits passengers and crew.  


This intuitive bridge-control system simplifies the very difficult challenge of operating a floating city.