Right equipment where you need it most

Cherokee Nation Red Wing worked with ICS to modernize a critical transportation and handling monitoring system that collects and records environmental data. This information is used to ensure that key machinery, which is often stored or transported for extended periods of time, is always ready for use when soldiers need it.

Military Application Supporting Modern Warfighters

Cherokee Nation Red Wing (CNRW) wanted to better support modern warfighters. To do so, this military services and systems integrator embarked on a plan to modernize an existing transportation and handling monitoring system. The application, which runs on a laptop and works in conjunction with a sensitive monitoring device, collects and records information on temperature, humidity, vibration and other environmental data. Periodically, the data is examined to ensure the machinery, which is often stored or transported for extended periods of time, is ready for use when needed.  


The existing interrogator software application, written using IBM’s modeling and design environment Rational Rhapsody, was difficult to maintain and expand. Additionally, several key areas of the application were outdated. ICS was called in to port the application to a modern software platform.


ICS corrected mission-critical issues with the existing implementation, as well as updated the software and removed dependencies on Rhapsody. Moving the application to an environment that took advantage of Microsoft Visual Studio and Qt 5.5 allowed us to refresh and simplify the architecture.


This more streamlined application provided CNRW with substantially reduced maintenance requirements, as well as increased stability.