January 18, 2016

Qt Changes and Release Status

From the Qt release meeting notes:
Qt 5.6 Status:
Update 13th Jan: qt5.git integration succeed and bug fixes for QTQAINFRA-943 are in.  Unfortunately, still awaiting some changes. Branching cannot start yet. The hope is we get the missing changes in during this week and thereafter, so we can start branching at the beginning of next week. The RC blocker list can be found here: https://bugreports.qt.io/issues/?filter=17225
Qt 5.7 Status:
Cannot start FF/Branching yet, hoping we can progress with those during next week.

Open Source / Licensing
Lars Knoll of The Qt Company announced a new agreement with the KDE Free Qt Foundation that includes some licensing changes for future versions of Qt.



Posted by Jon Trulson