February 2, 2015

This Week in Qt

Status of Qt 5.4.1 from Jani Heikkinen early last week:

  •  Huge problems to get new content in qt5.git ( Network problems, CI instability etc)
  •  The current plan is to make a release candidate at the beginning of this week, barring serious problems.
  •  We need to get newest content in & packages created before we can estimate when we are able to release qt5.4.1 :(
  • The current plan for Qt 5.5 is to branch and feature freeze on Feb 9th.

Status of Qt 4.8.7 from Jani Heikkinen:

  •   - New snapshot build will be available during this week if all goes as planned.
  •   - Plan is to publish Qt 4.8.7 release during February with enough time for testing before release.

- An update for QtMultimedia to start using gstreamer 1.0 on Linux is
  currently scheduled for the 5.5 release.  It will have to be
  specifically enabled at compile time, and would become the default
  in 5.6.

- GammaRay 2.2.1 (a bug fix release) is now available:

- André Hartmann and Przemyslaw Gorszkowski have been nominated as

Posted by Jon Trulson