May 16, 2016

Qt Events & Experiences

Qt Creator, 4.0.0 has been released:

Qt 5.7.1 development is still on track for an RC release by Jun 1.

Qt 5.6.1 is still in progress, but according to the release meeting minutes: "it will still take some time before we are ready to release Qt 5.6.1".

There are snapshots available at,

Qt World Summit

The Call for Papers for the 2016 Qt World Summit is now open.

Congratulations and Nominations

  • Marco Benelli is now an Approver.
  • Edward Welbourne and Alexandru Croitor have been nominated for Approver status.
  • Oliver Wolff has been nominated to be a Maintainer for QtANGLE.
  • Maurice Kalinowski has been nominated to be Maintainer for the Qt for Windows Runtime (WinRT) Platform.
  • Miikka Heikkinen and Tomi Korpipää have been nominated to be Maintainers for the recently open sourced Qt Charts and Data Visualization modules, respectively.

Posted by Jon Trulson