May 27, 2014

Qt Releases, Snapshots and Discussions

Qt 5.3 was released on Tues, May 20.  It also includes Qt Creator 3.1.1.

A preliminary snapshot of Qt 5.3.1 is available:

Currently, plans call for a release on Jun 17.

There is a discussion on bringing high-dpi support to more platforms (other than Mac/iOS)

Git Branch Guidelines

A new git branching scheme has apparently been put into effect with the following:

   - Rename current release -branch to Qt 5.3.0 & close it

   - Rename current stable to Qt 5.3

   - Update

So there is no real documentation on this scheme yet.  The apparent goal is to have all this documented and in place by the release of 5.4.

Posted by Jon Trulson