June 2, 2014

What is New in Qt Version 5.4?

Qt Project will list planned new features in Qt 5.4:

(It is currently empty as of this writing) http://qt-project.org/wiki/New-Features-in-Qt-5.4

Qt & Ford Motor Company – Opinion

Brett Stottlemyer at Ford has requested sandbox areas for two proposed projects:

QQSM (Qt QML State Machine): http://www.marshut.com/ixmkqs/request-for-sandbox-area-qqsm.html

"Replicant is a Qt library for Inter Process Communication (IPC). It is meant as an alternate to QtDbus, but with a very different usage patterns.” Brett Stottlemyer, Ford Motor Company http://www.alternativefuse.com/link/320824_request-for-a-sandbox-area-replicant 



Posted by Jon Trulson